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We're a family owned company with roots in Texas , Kansas and Missouri and a network of trusted partners in all fifty states.  Our reputation is built on integrity, a commitment to excellence and a dedication to our clients' needs over our own.


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The world of commerce has changed faster in the last 15 years than at any time in history.  Retail stores are closing at a record pace as consumers move to ecommerce and digital channels.  So what options do manufacturers and distributors have?  This McKinsey study on retail provides some insight:

“To survive and thrive in the coming decade, retailers must refashion their businesses to capture the opportunities presented by the totality of [market] trends. For many retailers, it’s now do or die. Operational discipline will be more critical than ever, as retailers will need to find funds to fuel these transformations.”

Our model provides a way for you to adapt to the changing landscape with a seamless integration of physical process and data intelligence that enables increased customer engagement with minimal or no investment.  It’s an innovative vision for strategic growth.


While the marketplace is changing rapidly, thankfully the basic principles of quality service remain the same – integrity, respect, and a commitment to excellence.  We’re here to provide rock-solid supply chain reliability as you grow for the future.

-- Tim Klassen

    President and Founder


We will be a trusted partner in our clients' supply chain operations by providing superior service with honesty, respect and dedication.