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We're a family owned company with roots in Texas , Kansas and Missouri and a network of trusted partners in all fifty states.  Our reputation is built on integrity, a commitment to excellence and a dedication to our clients' needs over our own.


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Thank you for visiting us today.  We appreciate your interest in Marksman Logistics.

In my 20+ years in the freight business, I've seen what happens when personal service becomes secondary to the dictates of corporate commoditization.  We started this company to bring back the commitment to care that should go into each shipment.  That's why we establish a one-to-one relationship with our clients.  Your personal account representative handles every shipment from beginning to end.  They know exactly what you need, what works and what doesn't, what's helpful and what's not. Our top shelf software, used by some of the biggest forwarders in the world, allows us to customize your experience to fit your specific needs.  Add it all together and you get direct, effective solutions to help your supply chain flow smoothly.


Let us know what we can do to help.  Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you.

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